Individual lessons provide the opportunity for undivided attention and tailored learning. They give greater opportunity to explore areas of most relevance to you at that time. The lessons can be organised at a the time of you and your teachers choosing. 

What happens in a session and how many will I need?

The Alexander Technique teacher helps you learn through verbal explanations, and through gentle hands-on guidance. As the Alexander Technique is about changing your everyday habits, the sessions include daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking and lying-down as a way of practicing better use. 

How many lessons will I need?

As it takes time to change habits, it is important to consider a course of at least six to ten lessons to set this in motion, and an additional ten to fifteen lessons to embed and fully integrate the changes. Much depends on the individual, and it is best to try out an introductory lesson to see how you get on with the Technique and if it suits you.

How much does a lesson cost?

Each lesson will last around 40 minutes. and costs £45.00.  There is a discount for buying a set of ten lessons. 


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